Our 2015 holiday specials list

Now that you’re all stuffed with turkey from Thanksgiving, the month leading up to Christmas is the busiest time of year.

Not only are businesses flying by the seat of their pants but you guys are out there rushing around, trying to get in as much holiday shopping and party preparing as possible. You barely have enough time to sit down and drink a cup of hot chocolate. And this month is leaving you wanting to add a little something extra to help calm the nerves.

That’s where we come in handy. All month we’re running some specials to help prepare you for the holidays. Wether you

  • Holiday baskets made at any price. Any baskets more than $50 you only pay for the contents.
  • Special miniature liquor stocking stuffers starting at $0.93 + tax. Pack of eight minis for $6.55 + tax.
  • Large selection of wines on special for $4.99 + tax.
  • Gift wrapping and gift bags available.
  • Candy canes for the children


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