Phish Week: Welcome Back to Atlantic City, Phish Fans!

1376354_765641626795785_2123711734_nIt was no secret that 2010 was a magical weekend for Phish fans and business people in Atlantic City.

As a Phish fan myself, I was thrilled with the atmosphere in the city during Halloween weekend in 2010 and during the Bader Field shows in June 2012. I actually attended the Bader weekend as I regrettably couldn’t make it to the Halloween shows.

But enough about my concert experiences. For the past month we have been continuing our upgrade of the beer selection in the store as well as single malt scotch, whiskey, bourbon and a selection of high quality liquor. We did all of that special for this weekend for you.

We brought in some special beer as well for the event. Both Starr Hill Northern Lights IPA and Magic Hat #9 will be available at the Boardwalk Hall during the shows. Sierra Nevada Foam, a beer made special for Phish fans, will also be at the Hall, but unfortunately it’s not bottled as we would love to carry it here. Instead we’re carrying some Victory HopDevil, another classic IPA.

For the rest of our craft beer selection, click this link to see what’s in stock.

I guarantee you will be happy with the selection, prices, service and the fantastic tunes playing in the store all day.

Most importantly, be safe, drink responsibly and enjoy the shows!


There are a ton of speculations as to what the Halloween costume is going to be for Phish.

I’ve heard Bruce, Grateful Dead, and Led Zeppelin thrown around. There’s even a rumor of some Huey Lewis.

Personally, this is the album I would love to see. Here’s to hoping for a guest slide guitarist in AC!

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