Fall Beer is Here

This Post Will Be Updated Again By September

It’s the most wonderful time of the year.

Neshaminy Creek Dunk’s Ferry and RiverHorse Hipp O Lantern

No I’m not talking Christmas! I’m talking about the fall! The weather is perfect, football is kicking off, and most importantly, fall beer is in season.

Yes it’s not technically fall yet as it’s still late August, but the weather is turning. Earlier and earlier each year fall beer comes out in late July/early August. Pumpkin beer is already in season and now the marzen/Oktoberfest beers are being released.

With that, we have our first fall beer in stock and we’re keeping it local. Flying Fish out of Cherry Hill, NJ just released its OktoberFish, a marzen-style beer to celebrate the changing of the leaves.

The lightly-carbonated OktoberFish boasts a 6% ABV. It has tastes of sweet malts, caramel and toffee all while adding a light, spicy hopped flavor. It’s light enough to drink while the temperature still lingers in the low 80’s, but heavy enough to keep you warm when it dips into the 60’s at night.

Also new in is Neshaminy Creek’s brand new Dunk’s Ferry Dunkleweizen. Brewed just like their Highwater Hefeweizen (summer), this beer “has a unique banana and spicy clove character, but this time paired with a chewy, bready, dare we say banana bread,” as the label reads. It’s a darker version of the Highwater, but it still has the same characteristics that make this beer fantastic in the late summer/early fall days.

Branching over the pumpkin beers, we brought in New Jersey’s finest pumpkin beer. RiverHorse boasts a fantastic imperial pumpkin ale called Hipp O Lantern. At 8.1%, this beer has a heavy body and is filled with complex spices and pumpkin flavors. I’ve already been drinking this beer this fall and I can safely say it’s going to be one of the best pumpkin beers on the market for 2013. Save a bottle from the four pack and age it for 2014. It’ll be a guaranteed treat.

Check back for updates on our craft beer selection as well as updates on our fall selection. We are expecting Dogfish Head’s fantastic release, Punkin Ale, to be on our shelves by September 12.

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