NEW: Terrapin Beer Co. Comes to Russo’s

1005666_720260681333880_631675088_nFor starters, we are incredibly excited with the announcement that the near-30-year-old jam band Phish will be coming back to Atlantic City! From October 31 to November 2, Phish will rock the Boardwalk Hall, which is located across the street from our store.

To celebrate the return of Phish to Atlantic City, we brought in a beer that man Phish fans hold near and dear to their hearts for a few reasons: Terrapin Beer Company. Aside from being high quality beer out of Athens, GA, the name Terrapin is synonymous with the Grateful Dead, the grandfather of the jam band scene.

We chose a pair of deliciously hopped offerings from Terrapin that serve as their standard year-round beers. First up is Hopsecutioner, an American India Pale Ale that clocks in at a whopping 7.30% ABV.

Hopsecutioner has a nice floral and fruity aroma with a citrus, piney taste. With the challenge of being a stronger IPA, Terrapin manages to balance the intense hop taste and fruit notes in order to make a smooth, easy-to-drink, yet powerful IPA.

The other Terrapin offering we brought in is their Rye Pale Ale, an American Pale Ale. Coming in at an even 5.30% ABV, the APA-style beer is only brewed with 10% rye, keeping it’s pale ale quality with a bit of rye. Rye has a pale malt taste with the same fruity, floral notes you can find in the Hopsecutioner. It’s pretty much a Hopsecutioner Light with rye added into the mix.

So throw in your favorite Phish show, or hell, dust off the classic Dead album “Terrapin Station” and crack open a beer from Terrapin and let the time float on by.

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