New Summer Beer This Week!

1005071_699896690036946_1377248588_nWith summer underway here down by the shore, Russo’s has brought in a few more craft brews to quench your thirst for an easy-to-drink beer for those hot days on the beach.

We brought in the Summer Blonde Ale by River Horse Brewing out of Lambertville, NJ. Featuring a lovely hippo dressed like a mermaid on its packaging, Summer Blonde gives you the same great taste as Sam Adams’ Summer Ale, but with a clean and refreshing finish. Heavy on the citrus taste as well, for those who like a little lemon in their wheat beers.

Next up is a hefewiezen coming out of Croydon, PA. Neshaminy Creek Brewing finally bottled and distributed their Highwater Hefeweizen to New Jersey and we are extremely excited for this release. This is their spin on a Bavarian wheat beer which is brewed with 60% white wheat, Pilsen malt and a touch of Munich for the coloring. They then brew it with the German Hefeweizen yeast which gives it a distinct banana taste and aroma. I had this up at the brewery on their one-year anniversary on tap and it absolutely blew my mind. This is a must try, and at $4.23+tax for a 22-oz bottle it’s a steal!

Lastly we brought in the popular beer from Lagunitas Brewing Co, Lil Sumpin’ Sumpin’ Ale. Found at a few bars here in Atlantic City including Vagabond and Back Bay Ale House, Lil Sumpin’ is a a great session beer for those warm days spent in the shade. Don’t drink too many though, as this American pale wheat ale hides it’s big 7.5% ABV incredibly well.

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