NEW: American Vintage Hard Iced Tea

American Vintage Hard TeaWith summer fast approaching, so has the upswing of summer beverages.

Hard ciders, hard teas, shandies and lagers are making their appearance all over liquor stores and we bring to you a new product that will surely please your taste buds.

American Vintage Beverage Company proudly introduced it’s Hard Iced Tea and Hard Half & Half, and it has become the newest summer beverage to hit the shelves here at Russo’s.

Via their page:

We share this passion for old-school craftsmanship and classic tastes, so American Vintage Hard Tea® is built on those ideals. Our tea is brewed the old-fashioned way – slow steeped with pure leaf tea for that real home brewed taste.

Both teas are listed at 5% ABV and are made with pure tea leaves. It’s masked around the American classic iced tea, giving it a modern kick.

“I sampled the Half & Half, and I can safely say this is very good. It’s smooth, malty and the tea and lemon flavors are both easily decipherable. It has the tart taste of lemonade and adds the refreshing qualities of iced tea.” – John Russo.

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