NEW: Jack’s Hard Cider

601806_672728352753780_1060815590_nWith the newest wave of Gluten Free products hitting a healthier America, it has opened the door for hard ciders to really make their mark on the beer industry.

Russo’s has a mini variety of Hard Ciders including Mike’s and Angry Orchard. Joining the wave of ciders is Jack’s Hard Cider, originating out of Biglerville, PA.

A local craft beer, Jack’s is an incredibly crisp and fresh cider. It also boasts the most important quality in a hard cider: being gluten free.

Heads and shoulders above what Redd’s Apple Ale is offering from the Miller/Coors company, Jack’s gives you a fresh canned cider that is the perfect beer for the summer. Enjoy it during a BBQ, while you’re on the boat, or even while taking in the beaches of Atlantic City.

They come in six-pack, 12 oz cans. They come in the non-traditional plastic carriers, which are sturdier and easier to carry than the usual plastic rings. Also, our “lovely” seagulls can’t choke on them if you accidentally leave them on the beach.

Jack’s currently has two kinds of cider in stock: Original and Helen’s Blend.

Original – 5.5% ABV

The original cider comes in a green can. It’s a dry, English style cider. Light in color and texture so it’s easy to drink even on a hot day. Brewed with their own grown apples, it truly is as fresh as it can get.

Helen’s Blend – 5% ABV

The blend comes in a red can. It’s sweetened with natural acids and sugars, giving it a sweeter taste. The taste distinctly resembles biting into a fresh apple, no joke! It has a smooth finish and perfect for quenching a thirst.

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